Fire Emblem Character

Creates a Fire Emblem fan character using combined lore from most of the series. Receive a race (beorc, taguel, laguz, manakete), some character traits, some backstory prompts, and a combat style (weapons, mount, etc.). Some results may be redunant or contradictory, but I tried to include enough options that this should be rare.

This generator was actually highly inspired by Heroes of Lite, a lightweight Fire Emblem-based tabletop game by Nat Twentea, to the extent that I almost considered putting this in the tabletop instead of fandom section. Really, though, this can be used for all sorts of general Fire Emblem fan characters (and has a few features HoL doesn't have, like gauntlets). Still, I have a lot of love for that system, so I highly recommend you check it out!

This one went through a lot of rewrites, and I did my best to edit it but I am an imperfect being. If you notice any problems, such as grammar issues or pronoun inconsistencies, please do me a favor and let me know!