Pokeymanz Character

Creates a prompt for a Pokémon trainer using the mechanics of the tabletop roleplaying game Pokeymanz by ChronicDelusionist. Get a calling, a best/worst stat, and some Edges/Hindrances based on character creation rules, along with a little bit of character information including appearance details and backstory like where they're from and how they met their starter.

Some disclaimers: this generator is capable of spitting out incompatible Edges/Hindrances (ex. you might get Supernatural Power and Professional, or you might get the Minor and Major versions of the same Hindrance). It also might give you stat suggestions that work really poorly with the given Edges/Hindrances. Tweak things manually as you so desire or just generate again! Remember that this is supposed to be inspirational, not prescriptive. Also, every basic Pokémon (non-legendaries who haven't evolved except from babies) is a potential starter, and so are baby Pokémon.